Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday Night Showdown

How serious do we take our football in the South?
Oh you know, cancel classes the day of the game kinda serious.

Remember when we posted the differences between Northern and Southern football?  One of the lines says something to the effect that teachers will cancel class the day after a Thursday night game in the South due to the fact that many students would be hungover and not show up anyway.  Yet, in the North, students would not go to the game on Thursday, because they had class on Friday.  After a full day of tailgating, I wonder how many teachers went ahead and canceled class for Friday and if they didn't I wonder who is going to be in attendance.

Not going to lie when I was in college, I would check the football schedule for the following fall when I registered for classes in the spring.  If there was a Thursday game on the schedule, I would not register for any classes on T/Th that did not get out before 1:00.  Yeah, maybe, there was some great classes I didn't get to take. #sorryfortailgating #priorities

Tonight, Mississippi State and LSU face off in Starkville, MS.  Mississippi State is known for shaking cowbells in the stadium and the deafening sound they cause.  They have been restricted by the NCAA to only certain times of the game.  I believe tonight those Bulldogs are not going to care and will take the penalty from the NCAA.

Nevertheless, LSU will be bringing a rowdy bunch up from Baton Rouge.  I don't know how this game is going to go, but I am predicting an LSU victory.  They are just nasty on defensive.  Les Miles is the Mad Hatter and just makes things happen.  He also eats grass.  Weird.


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Megan said...

So excited to watch an SEC showdown tonight (even though I'm an ACC girl). My one Friday class has already been canceled for our Thursday night game in November. Let's be real, who really wants to struggle to class after a hard day/night of tailgating!

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