Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion on the Field

Monday night, the Maryland football team single-handedly exploded Twitter with their choice of uniforms.

Right down to their shoes, they were covered in the Maryland state flag.  Granted, their colors are red, yellow, and  black, but is it a little much?
What are your thoughts, belles?  Personally, I think the helmets are a little much.  You can take a classy show of state pride too far.  They should have stopped with the shoulder pads and gone with a traditional helmet or at least the new "fear the turtle" helmet.

Dear Under Armour, 
Please do not design anything remotely close to these unis for the University of South Carolina.
Kind regards,
Traditional Belle

Prior to Maryland's fashion show, Georgia's football team took the cake for uniform mishap when they strayed from their traditional Silver Britches.

 After college football saw Maryland, Georgia looked like the new normal.  Honestly, though, Georgia return these to the nearest former XFL team and return to your roots.

Least we not forgot Oregon, who likes to make a fashion statement every time they take the field.  The founder of Nike is a Oregon alum.  Therefore, they, literally, have thousands of color combinations to choose from.  The Senior players get to pick a new combination of tops and bottoms for each game.  They have not repeated yet.

I am waiting for a Senior to pick this color combination. Please do it this season!

I am all for individual expression, but can't everyone keep it simple?  Take Alabama for example, I don't believe they have changed their uniforms since the 1950s.



megan said...

Awfulllll. All of the above. Keep it simple!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

They look like bumble bees. You can't keep track because the yellow/black is hypnotizing. Yuck.

Brittney said...

I hate Oregon's neon green. It hurts my eyes.

Rebecca said...

haha I think the maryland uniforms would be super cute without the arm sleeves, helmets, and shoes. The jersey's are nice state pride but it's overkill

Tybee Dreaming said...

OMG The Maryland uniform was just awful. Over kill I think so.

Ruth said...

I think Maryland might beat Oregon out for ugliest uniforms this year. It is a nice idea to use the state flag but it looks awful. And I so agree Georgia needs to go back to their old uniforms. Somethings are great just the way they are.

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