Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 3

I apologize for this week's games being posted so late.  I  am currently watching one of these games right now.  I promise my predictions will not be affect by the current score.  I am not attending any games this week.  I get to watch as many as I want from the comfort of my couch.  Pure bliss.

I don't want to step on anybody's toes from the ACC, but this week is a time for y'all to shine and step up.  The ACC rules the court and known for Tobacco Road.  With two games this week against big time non-conference opponents, Clemson and FSU need to make a statement for the ACC.

Game 1
 Auburn (21) v. Clemson
Each of these schools was featured earlier this week.  Coincidence? No.  These schools are very similar in their campuses, colors, and mascots.  I have spent several weekends in both places.  Clemson is Auburn with a lake.  Auburn's orange and navy is easier on the eyes.  This game will not decide a conference champ or prove to be a deciding factor in the national championship landscape.  It will be for pure bragging rights.  I am very torn on this game.  I think an Auburn loss will be better for South Carolina in a few weeks, and a better ranked Clemson team makes our rivalry game look better come November.  It is going to be a shootout and the way AU has had their way with luck the past few weeks...

Game 2
Tennessee v. Florida (16)
Basically, this game decide who will challenge South Carolina for the East title.  It will be a great road test for UT quarterback Tyler Bray.  I have been to the Swamp several times and it is by far one of the most intimidating places to play.  Combine that with hearing Rocky Top over and over and over again and you have got a pretty hostile environment.
And since Tennessee orange is its own color, I can stomach it only but one weekend out of the year.
V-O-L-S, Go Vols Go!

Game 3
Oklahoma (1) v. Florida State (5)
This is the big one.  After a humiliating loss in Norman last year, Florida State is looking for revenge.  Hosting College Gameday for the first time since 2003, this is the game for Florida State to turn the corner and return to its glory days.  It is going to be a great game filled with tons of talent.  I am feeling that the Stoopsies and the Sooners will come away with the victory.
Boomer Sooner!



tDr said...

I know it's not a game with ranked opponents, but the Ole Miss/ Vanderbilt game is a blowout! Vanderbilt is soon to be 3-0 against legitimate teams!

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Tybee Dreaming said...

My Noles lost but at least it was a better game than last yr.

MrsMatched said...

My poor Vols....

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