Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Movers & Shakers

If you have watched any sports related show since August or listened to people chat at a tailgate this season, I guarantee you have heard the words "conference realignment."  Those two words have become like nails on a chalkboard to me.  I am one of those traditional people that wants everything to stay the same.  College football should not be about TV packages, media markets, and money to be made.
Let the boys play!

It all started last year with Colorado and Utah made the move to the PAC-12 and Nebraska heading to the Big Ten.  With Colorado and Nebraska both leaving the Big 12, it has effectively become the "Big Ten" and makes the old Big Ten the new "Big 12."  Is everyone thoroughly confused?  Thought so.

What was the point of all this moving around?  These conferences wanted to reach the "magic" number of twelve schools to implement a conference championship game.  Just like the ACC and the SEC have a championship game {and the Big 12 had} the first weekend of December, the Pac-12 and Big Ten will have a championship game this year.  These championship games serve as springboards into the coveted BCS bowl games.  In the case of the SEC, it is the de facto national championship game. {another post for another day}

But wait!  Why are we still shifting around?  Twelve member conferences were perfect.  Apparently, not.

As of two weeks ago, Pittsburgh and Syracuse are joining the ACC therefore leaving the Big East with only seven football schools.  The ACC remains an even conference {seven teams per conference division}.  Made official today, Texas A&M is the 13th member of the SEC.

All this leaves lots of questions to be answered.  Who is going to be the 14th team to the SEC?  Are the Big East and Big 12 going to crumble and force schools scramble for a conference?  Will the SEC and ACC stop at 14?  Who knows and it just makes my head hurt.

Lastly, does anyone know what the states of Oklahoma and South Carolina have in common?  Both of their major state universities are ranked in the Top 15 and 4-0 on the season.


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