Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SEC Weekly Feature - Gainesville, FL - We Are The Boys From Old Florida

University of Florida

Town: Gainesville, Florida

Stadium: Ben Hill Griffith Stadium

Head Coach: Will Muschamp

Mascot: Gator, Albert and Alberta

File:Albert and Alberta.jpg

Colors: Orange and Blue [which I found out this weekend is pleasant to the eye since they are opposites on the color wheel. booyah. we must be smart.]

Traditions: we have a lot. we are most known for the gator chomp. you can do that whenever you want. even just walking down the streets and you see another gator fan. not on gameday. the 'go gators' cheer prompted by the band's five note ditty. two bits. this guy is a legend. he is now officially retired but he still cheers at big games. "two bits. four bits. six bits. a dollar! all florida gators stand up and holler!" he always wears his orange and blue suit too. it is awesome. and my personal favorite: singing 'we are the boys of old florida' before the fourth quarter. no matter where you sit or if you know them or not, you embrace and sing the song. it is so great to watch in the stadium with everyone swaying.

Famous Alumni: the band sister hazel is all from florida. all graduated from there. erin andrews. tim tebow [duh], bob vila, rain phoenix [joaquin's sister]

Biggest Rival: a tie between UGA and FSU. UGA because they are also in the SEC but FSU since almost everyone you know from highschool either went to FSU or UF. 

Top dog…again
1, 2

Where to stop for food: leonardo's pizza. dragon fly sushi, or swamp restaurant.

Leonardo's By the Slice

Where to watch the game if you don't have a ticket: swamp restaurant. hands down. most fun gator watching spot in gainesville. a second best is either gator city or balls.

Where to party after a win: the streets. almost every big game the city is smart and shuts down university ave. mainly because the students would shut it down for them if they didn't. it was CRAZY during all the national championships. [sorry had to throw that one in there] or if the bar scene strikes you: salty dog, balls, swamp, anywhere on university ave. amazing!

Playboy ranks University of Miami No. 1 party school

i can honestly say i had the most fun someone can have when it relates to football. we were very lucky to be a winning team for the years that i was there. however, i am no fair weather fan. i love watching the game regardless. obviously it is more fun if we are winning but the experience makes it worth it. now, i go to the local alumni bar to watch it with my fellow gator grads. they have food, beer, and play the fight songs. if you moved outside of your football city, you should look up and see if your school has a local alumni chapter. they usually have a bar sponsor the watching party! it is worth it!!

you should stop my cheeriosandbeer to learn more about my obsession with the gators. i am so pumped it is football season again. i have truly missed it. 


♡ BSA said...

Made a Florida SNACKADIUM w/ my bestie Little Miss Southern Love! Look out for a blog post soon. We made it for the UF v UAB game! So excited to share!

Christina said...

She's got that right! Go Gators!!! It's Great to be a Florida Gator!

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