Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Farewell to Football

 I shared this on my personal blog yesterday and thought I'd share it on here as well.  We hope you all had a great bowl season, sorry we were MIA during it. We'll be back from time to time during the off-season and we already can't wait for the 2012 season!!

I wrote this about a month ago after our last football game.  It should probably be written in past tense now, but I was waiting until after bowl season was over to post it. 

Dear 2011 Football Season - 

You have been real good to me and, decently, good to my team.  We have shared a lot of great Saturdays together (and one not so great Thursday night that unfortunately was aired on national television) and I am extremely sad to see you go.  You make me feel like a kid on Christmas morning every Friday night before Gameday and you have single-handedly stocked my closet full of beautiful red dresses for tailgating.  You have allowed me to see people I don't get a chance to see all year that only venture into my town solely because of you.  You've allowed me to meet new people and socialize with family and friends while we gather (and eat way too much) in your honor. You have caused me to have major anxiety on several occasions and have also taught me that you shouldn't ever give up, even when you are down 27 points late in the THIRD quarter.  I start counting down for your arrival pretty early. Like March/April early.   So until next year and until we meet again, thanks for the memories and I will miss you dearly. (But now maybe since you're gone, my house might actually get cleaned on the weekends...)