Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SEC Weekly Feature - Starkville, MS - MORE Cowbell

Town: Starkville, MS

Head Coach: Dan Mullen

Stadium: Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field

Mascot: Bulldogs, Bully

Colors: Maroon and White

Rivals: Ole Miss, Alabama, and in recent years Auburn

Famous Alumni: John Grisham (author), Johnie Cooks (NFL and Super Bowl Champion), Jonathan Papelbon (Boston Red Sox), George Bryan (Bryan Foods), Toxey Haas (Mossy Oak)

Traditions: Cowbells, Dawg Walk, Dawg Pound Rock before football team takes the field, "Hail State," "That's True Maroon," singing "Go To Hell Ole Miss" at the end of the fight song (harsh but true  - sorry Rebs!), Cowbell Yell, Bulldog Bash (Fall), and Super Bulldog Weekend (Spring)

Where to Watch the Game if You Don't Have a Ticket: The Veranda, Grumpy's (biggest outdoor TV!), Cowbells

Where to Celebrate: If MSU wins a big game, most fans stay in the Junction tailgating for hours.  The Cotton District has a ton of bars that are also popular to celebrate at

Tailgate Spots: The Junction! Everyone from families to fraternities tailgate in The Junction, which is basically all grassy areas surrounding the football stadium.  Most students tend to take up most of the field right in front of the stadium, while families stretch out towards the bookstore, the union, and the cheese stop.  (If you're every on campus, stop by the cheese shop and try some homemade Muscadine Ripple Ice Cream! Amazing!)

MSU is an amazing place to be a student.  I wish I went to undergrad here!  State Pride is all over town from the M-State symbol painted on intersections to carving Bully into Halloween pumpkins.  I've also never seen anything quite like the loyalty MSU fans have for the teams, no matter how the season is going.  It's great to be a Bulldawg! 

BIG Thanks to our follower, Ashley, who is a graduate student at MSU!


Rebecca said...

haha love those pumpkins!

Ruth said...

Those darn cowbells will always give me headache.

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