Friday, October 21, 2011

ACC Weekly Feature - Charlottesville, VA - Go Hoos!

Town: Charlottesville, VA


Head Coach: Mike London

Stadium: Scott Stadium

Mascot: Cavalier, Wahoos

Colors: Orange and Navy Blue

Biggest Rivals: UNC, Maryland, and Virginia Tech


Wearing coats and ties/sundresses to games.  UVA was an all-men's school at the undergraduate level until 1970, so football games were big events around Grounds.  Women from nearby Mary Washington and Randolph-Macon were bused in for the weekends. Coats/ties took a bit of a hit in the 2000's with Al Groh, because he implored the student body to wear orange rather than dressing up.  But to spite Groh and his fault in our program's fall from relevance, many more students are bringing back the old tradition.

Good Ole Song {sang to the tune of Aude Lang Syne} is the fight song.  Whenever UVA scores, everyone puts their arms around each other and sway, singing "That Good Ole Song of Wa-hoo-wa, we'll sing it o'er and o'er, it cheers our hearts and warms our blood to hear t hem shout and roar, we come from Ole Virginia where all is bright and gay, let's all join hands and give a yell from Dear Ole U-V-A...Wa-hoo-wa! Wa-hoo-wa! Uni-V Vir-gin-i-a! Hoo rah ray! Hoo rah ray! Ray Ray UVA!

Secret Societies

Streaking the Lawn

Top Tailgate Spots
The Lawn and The Range, where top 4th year (instead of senior) undergraduate housing is located.   It is the original Grounds (referred to as the Grounds instead of Campus) that TJ designed.  Fraternity tailgates are popular due to their proximity to Scott Stadium.

Where to Celebrate
The Corner, the main bar strip, or back to the Lawn.  An older grow will gather at the Downtown Mall

Where to Watch if You Don't Have a Ticket
Any of the bars on the Corner - Biltmore, Boylan, Heights, Trinity, and Mellow Mushroom



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