Thursday, November 17, 2011

SEC Weekly Feature - Nashville, TN - Go Dores!

Town: Nashville, TN

Head coach: James Franklin

Stadium: Vanderbilt Stadium, Dudley Field

Colors: Black & Gold

Mascot: Commodore, Mr. C

Traditions: Star Walk: The Star Walk tradition began in the 1990s after athletic department officials had stars, representing the athletic logo, painted on the sidewalk and Jess Neely Drive from the football team's locker room facility in McGugin Center down the tunnel leading into Vanderbilt Stadium. The team's walk to its stadium locker facility was quickly dubbed Star Walk in reference to the star logos painted along the route. Over the years, it has grown in interest through participation by the marching band and better communication with the fans. The best attended Star Walks have flooded Jess Neely Drive with Commodore faithful hoping to see and encourage their favorite player or coach. 
Other VU traditions include, the Admiral's horn which can be heard after every Vanderbilt touchdown and the traveling anchor. Seen as a symbol of support, security and stability, the anchor is present at all home and road games. Just recently, the locker room added a special display case for the anchor to occupy year round.

Biggest Rival: Vanderbilt fans hate Big Orange...TENNESSEE. While all Vandy team sports detest competition with the Vols, none moreso than football. Tennessee has taken home the W against Vandy 27 out of the last 28 meetings.

Where to Tailgate: Vandyville - the entire " L" shaped block surrounding the stadium. Fans can find everything from a Kids Zone, to live music and large screen T.Vs to the Coca-Cola sponsored picnic zone.

Where to Celebrate: Tin Roof on Demonbruen  or any of Nashville's honkey-tonks (usually Paradise Park, The Stage or The Big Bang)

Where to Watch if You Don't Have a Ticket: Sam's Place Bar & Grill -Just around the corner from theVandy campus and Vanderbilt Stadium, Sam's offers plenty of t.v's, great 2-4-1 deals and the convenience of being steps away from Nashville's trendy Hillsboro village.

Will Vandy be able to fight back against Tennessee's long tradition of winning or will Coach Dooley's club bring home the W? Be sure to tune in Saturday and see!

"Who ya with? VU!"
"Anchor Down!"

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