Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SEC Weekly Feature - Knoxville, TN - Good Ol' Rocky Top

Town: Knoxville, TN

Stadium: Neyland Stadium

Head Coach: Derek Dooley {Fear the Pants!}

Mascot: Volunteers, Smokey

Colors: Tennessee Orange and White

Biggest Rivals: Alabama, Georgia, & Vanderbilt

Famous Alumni
Peyton Manning, Pat Summit, Al Gore, and Deana Carter

Traditions: Vol Walk, Power T, Vol Navy, Rocky Top (on average, it is played 80 times during a game), 3rd Saturday in October, Checker Board Endzones, 'Ol Smokey, and The Southland Band

Where to Tailgate
Vol Navy (floatilla of party barges) located on the waters of the Tennessee River, G10 lot located between the stadium and the river, and spots located up and down Cumberland Drive and Volunteer Way

Where to Celebrate
The Strip

I was fortunate enough to attend the South Carolina-Tennessee game this past weekend.  Since I started law school two years ago, I have been inundated with friends from East Tennessee.  They either grew up in the area or attended the University of Tennessee.  A group of us made the trip from Charleston to Knoxville.  Along with the game, we were celebrating three birthdays.  It was a wonderful weekend.

Knoxville is truly a beautiful city nestled on the Tennessee River.  The stadium is located a stone's throw from the river, providing a picturesque backdrop for tailgating.  If the Gamecocks were not playing in Neyland that evening, I probably would have been singing every word of Rocky Top.


Ashley said...

I love Tennessee! Oh Rocky Top you'll always be home sweet home to me! I went up for the Georgia-UT game and will be there again for UT-Vandy! Go Vols!

I Do Declare said...

I won't be making it to a home game this year, but with all your blog posts, I feel like I've been all over the SEC! Loved this one!

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