Friday, August 19, 2011

Pigskins & Pearls 101: Offense Formations

For our first football lesson, we are going to start with the two most common offensive formations.  Even these formations have variations depending who is on the field.  There are eleven players on each side of the ball.  I am sure you know the main players - quarterback, running back, and wide receiver.  The players that get all the big accolades and headlines.  But, what about those guys on the line who get those extra yards on the goal line or those few inches when its 4th and inches.

Baisc I Formation

1. Quarterback (QB)
2. Fullback (FB)
3. Tailback (TB)
4. Center (C)
5. Right Guard (RG)
6. Left Guard (LG)
7. Right Tackle (RT)
8. Left Tackle (LT)
9. Tight End (TE)
10/11. Wide Receiver (WR)

In this formation, the quarterback is likely to hand the ball off to one of the running backs.  If he hands off to the tailback, the fullback can become an extra blocker in the backfield {the area behind the line} or out to the side.  The quarterback is directly under the center to receive the ball.  The other members of the line will have specific blocking assignments depending on the play.  The tight end is a blocker and a receiver.  He is the only player on the line that is eligible to receive a pass down field.  He will not always be in on every play, and when he is not, there will most likely be another WR on the play.

Shotgun Formation

1. QB
2. C
3. RG
4. LG
5. RT
6. LT
7. TE
8. FB
9. TB
10/11. WR

The shotgun formation can have two running backs in the backfield or one.  If there is only one, a third WR will be put on the field.  Most pass plays are ran out of the shotgun.  Some plays place as many as five receivers out wide.  This removes the TE from the line and the RBs from the backfield and "replaced" with WRs.  In the shotgun, the quarterback is not under center.  He lines up about five yards behind the center.  This allows for the quarterback more time to get the pass off.  On a pass play, the running back(s) help the line in pass protection.

We hope this helps all the Belles better understand the offensive schemes of your favorite team.


Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Loving this blog! I only started watching football when I got married, and this is so helpful! :)

Jesslyn Amber said...

Love love loving this blog! I myself am a Saturday Belle! Football season is the most wonderful time of the year!

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